Root damage to a sewer line

Did you know that tree roots are probably the major cause of blockages in drains, pipes and sewers in the UK?

Warm water flows through the sewer pipes and this attracts the roots of trees, bushes and other plants nearby as sewage and air will escape into the soil from any cracks in the sewer line. The heady mixture of water, oxygen and nutrients will help a root system to thrive which, in turn, simply aggravates any cracks in the pipes as the roots push their way through into the pipes.

Roots can also make ingress through pipe joints or an inspection chamber and once the roots are thriving inside the sewer system, they develop into masses, thereby clogging up the pipes.

Depending on the level of damage, it is sometimes possible to remove the root system and reline the pipes that have been damaged. However, in more severe cases, it may be necessary to excavate part of the system.
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