At A1 UK Drains, we have considerable experience of providing reliable and professional contract drain maintenance services in educational establishments and prisons. We are also happy to tender for contract drain maintenance services for housing associations, local authorities, police authorities, NHS Trusts, hotels and restaurants across the south-east of England. All of our engineers are fully CRB (now known as Disclosure and Barring Service) checked and insured.

This gallery is comprised of images from our contract drain maintenance contract with Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, North London.

We offer a full range of drainage services and welcome the opportunity to tender for contracts. Call 0118 973 0999 for more information today or email us.

BELOW: Repairs required to a 32mm broken sink scrub pipe, leaking onto floor.

BELOW: Repairs completed, broken sections replaced with 300mm x 50mm pipe, 2 x 45 degree fittings, 2x50mm compression fittings

BELOW: Repairs needed to 32mm bottle trap leaking waste and plug tightening ring cracked.

BELOW: Repairs needed to corroded copper pipe connected to stack. Materials used for repair: 400mm of 32mm plastic pipe, 1x32mm multifit compression fitting and 1x 32mm 90° sweep 3.

BELOW: 40mm sink pipe has split and needs repaired.

BELOW: Repairs completed.

BELOW: 32mm sink pipe broken

Rodding accesses needing repairs at Northwick Park Hospital:

Repairs to a 40mm waste pipe leaking onto floor, part of A1 UK Drain's ongoing works with Northwick Park Hospital on a maintenance contract, requiring 1metre of 40mm plastic pipe, 1× 45 plastic bend solvent weld and 1× coupler solvent weld:

Leaking urinal and cracked pipe with repair work:

Broken shower pipe and repairs:

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